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Info in english

Melhus Upper Secondary School is beautifully located in the centre of Melhus, with a view from the west side of the river Gaula of the centre of Melhus and Gauldalen. The school has approximately 550 students and about 100 employees.

The school has 8 education programs; 2 in general studies and 6 vocational. In addition the school has a program for students with special needs.

The programs at Melhus:
Specialization in general studies (sciences, languages, social studies and economics)
Sports and physical education
Building and construction
Electricity and electronics
Health and social care
Restaurant and food processing
Service and transport
Technical and industrial production


Melhus Upper Secondary School cooperates with the local municipality, businesses and society, and all lower secondary education in the district. The school is known for its work on internationalization  and young enterprise ( The social- and working environment at school is enjoyed both by students and employees.

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