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International work at Melhus vgs

International coordinator at Melhus vgs Tone Lise Ludvigsen ( )

Creating Everlasting Memories

The friendship and cooperation between Melhus vgs and Timbila High School in Taveta, Kenya  is something our schools cherish and take pride in. The exchange in 2014 was the 7th mutual visit in our biennial exchange program. The program has thus far allowed more than 80 students and 20 teachers from Melhus and Timbila to visit each other. The program has primarily been financed through Friendship North/South (through NORAD), with some additional aid from Melhus municipality.

In preparation for each exchange we work on a common project: the last one was water, and creating awareness around the depleting water resources. For all participants the highlight is the exchange, which is a valuable experience for everyone involved, both for those who take part in the exchange, but also in both schools through meetings with a new culture during the visits. The exchange creates awareness in each participant which cannot be achieved in other ways.


Solidarity and international understanding  

The last Thursday in October students in many schools throughout Norway put their schoolwork aside and spend the day working for someone else’s benefit. Operation Day Work is a solidarity organization that facilitates projects by youth for youth, and the student council at Melhus vgs has a longstanding tradition of choosing to participate in these projects every year. The students work for one day and give their salary (fixed at NOK400) to the projects organized through OD. The money always goes to youth and education projects in parts of the world where some aid is required, and in preparation for the project each year the students learn about the specific project and about the situation for youth in the countries where the projects are located. The last couple of years our school has exceeded donations of NOK100.000


Other projects:

Model UN (FN-rollespill)  

EYP - Europan Youth Parliament

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